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Sue Shroy owner - administrator - MetrOasis ATC beauty & esthetics school Anchorage Alaska AK
Franz Sigel Shroy owner - director - MetrOasis ATC beauty & esthetics school Anchorage Alaska AK
Sigel & Sue Shroy owners of MetrOasis ATC beauty school Anchorage, Alaska


Sigel & Sue Shroy owners of MetrOasis ATC beauty school Anchorage, Alaska
Sigel & Sue were written up in L'Eclaireur Hair Fashion Magazine in Paris
and the Hairdressers Journal in London. 

L'Eclaireur (France)
Hairdressers Journal (England)​​
Franz Sigel Shroy is the director and Sue Shroy is the administrator of the MetrOasis LLC Advanced Training Center Beauty & Esthetics School in Anchorage, Alaska. An "oasis" in the middle of a "metropolis" = "MetrOasis". A place to relax, to learn, to grow, to expand, a place of beauty.

We travel the world each year seeking out the best advanced international training for hairdressing, esthetics, the highest quality products, new ideas & philosophies (and more) to bring back to Alaska for our students and clients. This motivation and dedication are what makes us the #1 beauty & esthetics school in Anchorage, Alaska.

Sigel has held about every position there is in the beauty industry including salon owner, school owner, platform artist, product formulator, human resources director, etc. He began his career in 1979.

Sue married her hairdresser (Sigel) and has been in the beauty industry for about 24 years. Sigel was an educator and platform artist for Paul Mitchell, Aramis, and Joico, and Sigel & Sue are color educators for Compagnia Del Colore, a premier Italian hair color company.

Sigel & Sue are CRAZY in love with each other and are have been absolutely blessed to have been able to work together these past two and a half decades!

It's a little confusing to me how some of the other school owners decide what to tell the public about their schools. "We're the biggest",  so what? I went to the "biggest" beauty school in Washington state and didn't learn a thing. In fact, after I figured the beauty biz out, I had to be retrained to get the stupid things out of my head that I learned at the "biggest" place.


"We do blah, blah, many haircuts", again, so what. Your hair color training really sucks because your students are doing the same bowling ball haircuts over and over. Yes, you make a TON of money but your students graduate only knowing how to do the same haircut over and over. Again... your point?


"We have hundreds of years of of combined experience", really? What does that mean? If you start a school and you have 20 employees and each of them have 3 years experience then they have almost as much combined experience as just one of our instructors. Except we've been trained by various master designers from around the world.


So, like I mentioned, I don't understand how these topics end up being the best things these guys can think of. Perhaps it is because not all beauty school owners even have a license to do either hair or skin care. So, here's the real scoop.


The little piece of paper that you get from the state means that you can legally work in a salon or spa. It doesn't mean that you will be successful, that you are well trained or even that you are adequately trained in even one single skill that you will need to be successful. Your hairdressing or esthetician license isn't a magic piece of paper, it is simply a piece of paper that get's in the door of a salon or spa. The skills you learn IN beauty school make all the difference between being successful and not being to make it in the beauty business. I also see the statement "We've trained more hairdressers, estheticnas, etc. than any other school. To start with, the truth of this statement means simply that they have had more students than anyone else. It doesn't mean that these students actually got a job in the industry which is why you don't see them bragging about their placement rates. They also don't tell you about how many of their graduates are managers or salon owners.


When you hear beauty school owners talking about something when you go and look at their schools, think to yourself, how does this thing they're saying benefit ME? Not them, ME. Does being a giant school factory help me? Does taking more students than any other school help me? If so, how? Do I really care that they've been doing this forever if they don't even have good training to start with? And the most important issue... If they haven't even taken the time and effort to train THEMSELVES... how in the world are they going to train me? It's good to ask questions, but make sure that you ask the RIGHT questions.


What kind of training do you have?


Where did you get your training?


How often do you get new training?


What is your placement rate?


What do you teach that the other schools don't?


Are YOU even a licensed instructor, hairdresser & esthetician to start with or do you just hire others?

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