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Franz Sigel Shroy & Sue Shroy Bio

This is a photo of Sue, co-owner and administrator and Sigel, co-owner and director

We have had the most amazing privilege of being to work with each other for the past third of a century.


It is hard to describe how fun work can actually be when you get to work with your best friend.


We love the industry that we are in, we love our clients, we love our students and we love each other.


We also love Alaska and we love traveling. What else could we ask for? 

Franz Sigel Shroy

Sigel on top of Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany

Sigel at the top of Zugspitze, the highest mountain peak in Germany.

"LOVE  what you do


or  do something else!"



I haven't much faith in the man who complains

Of the work he has chosen to do.


He's lazy, or else he's deficient in brains,

And, maybe, a hypocrite, too.


He's likely to cheat and he's likely to rob;

Away with the man who finds fault with his job.


But give me the man with the sun in his face,

And the shadows all dancing behind;


Who can meet his reverses with calmness and grace,

And never forgets to be kind;


For whether he's wielding a scepter or swab,

I have faith in the man who's in love with his job.


John L Shroy

Sigel has been a member of the International High I.Q. Society since 2004.

Join here.)


Sigel & Sue also received the "Dipome d'Honneur" in both Chigons Haute Couture and Collection Coupes Mode, from Elodie Simon Greffier of Art Libre Padiglione, Paris, France  (2010). 


Sigel & Sue appeared in L'Eclaireur magazine, based in Paris, France , and The Hairdressers Journal, based in London, England (2011) . 


Sigel holds a level 3 NCFE in the U.K., a beauty technician diploma (with distinction) in makeup and skincare from Stonebridge College, in England . 


Sigel has a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from UCMI, and a Doctorate degree from Masters.


Both Sigel & Sue received training from Emmy Award winner Dina Ousley in airbrush makeup in Hollywood (2009) . 


This is Sue in Heidelberg, Germany

Sue has been involved in the beauty industry since she married her hairdresser, Franz Sigel Shroy, about three decades ago. Sue is a licensed hairdresser, esthetician and instructor who has received training throughout Europe and the United States. She is a remarkably nice person and everyone who is fortunate to encounter her on the phone or in-person feels blessed. Sue is very patient, intelligent and creative. Sue is also a member of the International High IQ Society.


She received her Bachelors degree in fine art from SPU and has beautifully blended the artistic principles of the masters of art with her hairdressing skills to create wearable art for her clients. Sue is a very competent teacher and enjoys sharing what she has learned with others.  Sue is also an outstanding administrator and artist and travels internationally each year to further her education and experience. 

Sigel got his start in the beauty business in 1979 by being intrigued by his hairdresser’s (Billy Shears) car collection and has been involved in many different facets of this fascinating industry ever since. Sigel has managed and/or owned several beauty salons and several haircare and skincare product lines over the years and has started several salons and even a school from the ground up. These various businesses range in size from one 7-stylist salon he started in Seattle during his “starving artist” years for just $764 which he sold 7 years later for enough to buy a small house, to his largest beauty business the MetrOasis® Advanced Training Center.


All of these varied experiences uniquely enable him to speak to those involved in any sized beauty business and not just those with giant salon staffs. Sigel started working with Gene Juarez (Seattle, Washington) in the early 80’s, and had held nearly every position available in the beauty industry since then including being a Paul Mitchell educational associate, platform artist and regional perm educator for Paul Mitchell and won the 1989-1990 “Outstanding Contribution to Education” from Paul Mitchell. Sigel is a licensed hairdresser, esthetician and instructor in Alaska. When Sigel started his esthetics program the average Alaska state board esthetician pass rate was just 35% while the national pass rate was 63% and he quickly developed a program that routinely has pass rates in the high 90’s.


Sigel has done thousands of beauty-related classes and participated in many, many hair shows during the past 44+ years and is comfortable with small intimate groups of just a few to much larger venues of several hundred to over a thousand people. Sigel is crazy-in-love with his wife Sue who is both his business partner and international traveling companion and they have been married for 36+ years. Together they enjoy living in the rugged environment of Alaska as well as traveling the world each year where they have been very well trained in the United States, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Italy in hairdressing and skincare. Together they have a passion for family, helping others, and keeping up with the latest trends and techniques, and are sticklers for maintaining the highest quality and integrity in everything they do.


Sigel has traveled extensively for over three decades to gain his education and training.






Sue is also the official Alaska "Beauty Industry Advocate" for the Professional Beauty Association.


Sue is Sigel's business partner, and together, they enjoy living in the rugged environment of Alaska as well as traveling the world each year where they have been very well trained in the United States, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, and in Italy in hairdressing and skin care. Together they have a passion for family, helping others, and keeping up with the latest trends and techniques, and are sticklers for maintaining the highest quality and integrity in everything they do.


Sue & Sigel have traveled extensively together for over two decades to gain their education and training.



This is some of the training Sigel & Sue have had during the
past few years. Ask the instructors at some of the other
schools about the training they've had during this same time.

- 2010 -


Training in Paris for "Immersion Facials" Paris, France  


Sylvie Therry & Vanessa Demarecaux - makeup training, Paris, France


Advanced haircutting & styling, chignon, Art Libre Padiglione, Paris, France


Ballmain Hair, hair extensions, Paris, France


Dr. Marcello Carvalho, LED photo modulation Paris, France


Valérie Pretti, caramel waxing Paris, France


Georges Margossian, Internet branding, internet marketing Paris, France


Stephanie & Cedric Benard - Futurism Hairdressing, W4Y Barcelona, Spain


Advanced haircutting, Ramiro Mata, Barcelona, Spain


Training in Radio Frequency Therapy, Barcelona, Spain 


Sigel also received his certificate for Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Long Beach,

California, Dr. Reinhard Bergel 


 Social Media Marketing, Lake Louise Long Beach, California 


Skincare marketing, Douglas Preston Long Beach, California


- 2011 -


Massimo Pradella international color educator,  Compagnia Del Colore Bologna, Italy


Balmain Hair, hair extensions Bologna, Italy


Elchim, thermal hair styling Bologna, Italy


Alfaparf, advanced haircutting & styling techniques, Bologna, Italy


Poker S.R.L., advanced haircutting & hairdressing, Bologna, Italy


NYCE, advanced haircutting, Bologna, Italy


  Mondial Beauty Show in Paris, France -


Jocelyne Guerrier, instant facelift treatments, Paris, France


Laurent Zupan & Cédric Bernard, airbrush makeup – École de Maquillage

Métamorphoses, Paris


Advanced Haircutting, London, England, Metin Warwick -


Attended the Cosmoprof Bologna Beauty Show in Bologna, Italy

American Board of Certified Hair colorists "Energizing Summit" -Los Angeles

Color training, Kris McGinnis Team - Balayage training Los Angeles, California

Lea Baselici of the Siggers Team - Color Design Los Angeles, California

Roy Peters - Bleach training, Craig Miller Los Angeles, California -

Advanced Haircutting for hair color,  Gary Gerard California -

Attended the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa, Long Beach California

Makeup training, Elan Bongiorno, Long Beach California 

Non-Surgical Microcurrent FaceLift training, Margarita Saian, Long Beach California

Product Retailing & Salon/Spa Business, Lori Nestore, Long Beach California

Chemical Peeling, Jennifer Linder, M.D., Long Beach California

Hungarian Facial Techniques, Boldijarre Koronczay, Long Beach.


- 2012 -


Mondial Spa & Beauté  Paris, France


Advanced Haircutting, MCB Academy, Paris, France


Tour de France, Woody & Amy Michleb, Las Vegas, USA


A Taste of London, Saco Creative Team, Las Vegas, USA


Anatomy of a Global Stylist, Arthur Harris & Patricia Grooms-Jones, Las Vegas, USA


Fearless Beauty Makeup for Fashion & Runway, Eve Pearl, Las Vegas, USA


Richard Ashforth & Saco Creative Team, Paris, France


Salon business, Jean Claude Aubry


Image, style, class & development, Carlo Bay, Paris, France


Formal styles & chignon, Académie Alexandre de Paris, Paris, France


Luxury hair, Jean Luc Minetti, Paris, France


Urban Haute Coiffure, Stéphane Amaru, Paris, France


- 2013 -


Advanced Haircutting Hakiri design team, Long Beach, USA


Martin Parsons, long hair/chignon training, Long Beach, USA


Advanced haircutting & coloring, Nick Arojo, Long Beach, USA


Advanced Highlighting Techniques, Adrienne Rogers, Long Beach, USA


Scissor over comb, Roger Wigmore, Long Beach, USA


Advanced Haircutting & Salon Business, Martino Cartier, Long Beach, USA


Advanced Color Formulation, Keratin Complex, Long Beach, USA


Advanced Highlighting Patterns, Melissa Johnson, Long Beach, USA


Salon Business, Wolf Davids & Oliver Schmidt, Frankfurt, Germany


Hair Extensions & Customer Service, Christiane Zagler, Frankfurt, Germany


Advanced Hair Color, Pascal Frantz, Frankfurt, Germany


Advanced Haircutting, Team Gandini by Vitality's, Frankfurt, Germany


Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks, Frankfurt, Germany  


Hair Fashion, Oliver Szilagyi & Mario Krankl & Susanne Bommer, Frankfurt, Germany


Advanced Haircutting & Styling, Paul Mitchell German Team, Trio Hair Wella,

Hairdreams, Frankfurt, Germany


Carlo Bay, advanced haircutting, Paris, France


Anjela Joseph, Advanced Skin Care, London, UK


Nazila, Fantasy Makeup, London, UK


Coiffure Mondial 2013, Paris, France


Jean-Michel Faretra, advanced hairdressing, Paris, France


Stéphane Amaru, advanced haircutting, Paris, France


HD Brows, Professional Brow Design, London, UK


Jean-Marie Contreras, salon business, Paris, France


Jean-Luc Minetti, Luxury Hairdressing, Paris, France


Jean Claude Aubry, advanced platform haircutting, Paris, France


Patrice Martin Eplus, retailing & salon business, Paris, France


Professional Beauty Show, Olympia - London, UK


AirBase Advanced Makeup, London, UK 


Business & Customer Service, Edinburgh, Scotland


- 2014- 


Gary Gerard - Advanced Haircutting, Long Beach USA


Faatemah Ampey - Editorial Styling & Photo Shoot Hair, Long Beach USA


Martin Parsons - Long Hair Formals, Long Beach USA


Amie Goltz - Advanced Hair Coloring, Long Beach USA


Faatemah Ampey - Working with all hair textures, Long Beach, USA


Sassoon Academy Live - Advanced Hair Styling, Long Beach, USA


Feel Scissors - Scissors Design, Long Beach, USA


Keratin Complex - Advanced Styling, Long Beach, USA


Fashion Photoshoot in Paris, France


Fashion Photoshoot in Vienna, Austria


- 2015 -


Caracalla European Facial - Caracalla Spa - Baden Baden, Germany


La Lavande Facial - Colmar Tropicale Spa - Colmar, France


Desert Sand & Argan Oil Treatment - Les spas du Passage Bleu Colmar, Colmar, France


Moselle Romance Facial Treatment - Alte Thorschenke Spa - Cochem, Germany


Premium Glacier Eye Treatment - Vitznau - Lucerne, Switzerland


Gstaad Palace Signature Facial - Gstaad Palace Spa - Lucerne, Sitzerland


L’Ecrin du Bien Etre Facial Treatment - Le Bouclier d'Or - Strasbourg, France


Nature-Effiscience Facial - Le Bouclier d'Or - Strasbourg, France


Ambient Facial Treatment - Hospederia La Casa Spa - Tubingen, Germany


Eugene Perma - Advanced Haircutting - Paris, France


Morgane Hilgers & Design Team - Advanced Makeup Techniques - Paris, France


Coiffea - Advanced Haircutting & dressing - Paris, France


Isabelle Charrier - Advanced Hairdressing - Paris, France


"Le métier de coiffeur à domicile"  by Viadom, Paris, France


Ryphael Perrier - Formal Styles - Paris, France


Men's Styling - Samy Tetot & Guillaume Fort - Paris, France


"Nos différences, une force" par Raphaël Perrier - Paris, France


Fashion hairdressing - SACO pour Noise - Paris, France


Contouring avec Morgane Hilgers - Paris, France


Advanced Haircutting - Fabio Colucci - Paris, France


Advanced Haircutting & Styling - Antony Mascolo - Paris, France


Advanced Haircutting Franck Nemoz - Paris, France


- 2016 -


Signature® Color - Chloe Carpenter - Bellevue, USA


Cirépil® Waxing - Charlene Berry & Jessica Campbell - Bellevue, USA


Editorial Hairdressing - Nogodar Martinez - Bellevue, USA


Advanced Haircutting - Nick Ciarletta - Bellevue, USA


Professional Consultations - Amy Carter - Bellevue, USA


Advanced Haircutting - Joe Anthony Peña & Rocky Vitelli - Bellevue, USA


Salon Business - Paul DiGrigoli - Bellevue, USA


Advanced Haircutting - Anthony Martinez & Jason Reyes - Bellevue, USA


Advanced Haircutting - Troy Munsey - Bellevue, USA


Makeup Techniques - Allison Rose - Bellevue, USA


Advanced Clipper Techniques - Mat Sky - Bellevue, USA


Advanced Haircutting - Ben Mollin & Cherry Petenbrink - Bellevue, USA


Advanced Clipper Cuts - Chris Vaughn - Bellevue, USA


Celluma Illuminating Estheticsa - Patrick Johnson - Long Beach, USA


Methode Physiodermie lifting facial - (Physiodermie) Michael Ibbott - Long Beach, USA


Bacteria & Beauty: Skin's Microbiome - Rebecca Gadberry - Long Beach, USA


Cosmetic Ingredients - Kimberly James - Long Beach, USA


The New Way To Do Business - Bryan Reeves - Long Beach, USA


Post Treatment Makeup - Ami Mallon - Long Beach, USA


Lymphatic Drainage Facial - Michael Ibbott - Long Beach, USA


Zero Gravity LED Anti-Aging Rejuvenation System - Team - Long Beach, USA


Makeup - Serenity Spa by the Falls - Team - Niagara Falls, Canada


- 2017 -


Clay Aromatherapy Wrap Facial Training - Aria Spa - Las Vegas, USA


Revitalizing Scalp Treatment Training - Aria Spa - Las Vegas, USA


Ivan Zooy - Barbering Skills - Las Vegas, USA


Elaine Travis - Advanced Hair Color - Las Vegas, USA


Lauren Moser - Hair Textures - Las Vegas, USA


Aaron Johnson - Advanced Haircutting - Las Vegas, USA


Paul DiGrigoli - Salon Business & Marketing - Las Vegas, USA


Tom Dispenza, Chromastics - Advanced Hair Color - Las Vegas, USA


Eric Ortega, Chromastics - Advanced Hair Color - Las Vegas, USA


Kari Kisch, Editorial Makeup - Las Vegas, USA


Advanced Hair Color & Styling Techniques - ALFAPARF GROUP - Bologna


Advanced Blonding Techniques - Barex Italiana - Bologna, Italy


Cosmoprof Bologna (50th Anniversary Show), Italy


Advanced Clipper Training - DNG Group - Bologna, Italy


Alphaparf - Advanced Hair Color - Bologna, Italy


Fitomelatonina - Dr. Francesca Ferri - Bologna, Italy


Advanced Esthetics - ACADEMIA BSI, Di Diego Dalla Palma - Bologna, Italy


Compagnia Del Colore - Advanced Hair Color & Products - Bologna, Italy


British Luxury Hair Products - Gorgeous London - Bologna, Italy


Fashion Colors Hair Color - Herman’s - Bologna, Italy


Cosmetic Ingredients - IDESCO - Bologna, Italy


Major Group - Hair Tools & Salon Equipment - Bologna, Italy


Advanced Skin Care Techniques - Dermapura Spa - Bologna, Italy


Product Photo Shoot for SalonParisian - Paris, France Coiffure


Christophe Nicolas - Advanced Hair Color Techniques- Paris


Eugene Permanent -Equipe Technique -Paris


Zerouali - Framesi - Advanced Hair Color Techniques - Paris


Antoine Belot - Advanced Hairdressing - Paris


Ludovic Geheniaux - Advanced Hairdressing - Paris


Guy Tang - Pastel  HairColors - Paris


Elodie Gossuin - Advanced Hairdressing - Paris


Nicolas Jurnjack - Fashion Styling - Paris


Pierre Saliou - HairColor - Paris


Eric Pfalzgraf - Hair coloring - Paris


Jean-Marc Fert - Advanced Hair Cutting Techniques - Paris


Pierre saint Sever & Patricia Rameau advanced hairdressing - Paris


Julien Tur & Elodie Hue - Fashion In The Salon - Paris


Jaymz Marsters & Garance Delaccour - Fashion Hair Color - Paris


Château de Sarceaux - Customer Service - Alençon


William Le Pec - Hair Coloring - Paris


Auberge Saint Pierre - Customer Service - Mt-St-Michel


I Pagenelli - Customer Service - Venice


Richard Ashforth - Advanced Hair Cutting - ParisDesign & SEO


- 2018 -


Cell Biology: Mitochondria - Harvard University - Massachusetts


Kinesics - Psychology - New York 


Customer Service - Seattle 


Fashion & Beauty Week Paris - Paris


La Dime Customer Service - Giverny


Bonaparte Customer Service / Demographics - Rouen


Customer Service / Salon Design - Honfleur


Entrepreneurship - Deauville 


Entrepreneurial Negotiations & Customer Service - Paris


- 2019 -


Martino Cartier - Advanced Haircutting & Styling - Long Beach

Vivian McKinder - Salon Business / Entrepreneurship - Long Beach

Larissa Love - Salon Business / Entrepreneurship - Long Beach

Tracey Hughes - Salon Business / Entrepreneurship - Long Beach

Kris Sorbie - Salon Business / Entrepreneurship - Long Beach


Danielle Keasling - Salon Business / Entrepreneurship - Long Beach


Runway Styles -  Barcelona

Esthetic Treatments - Barcelona

Facial Massage Techniques - Barcelona

Salon Design - Barcelona

Customer Service Techniques - Barcelona

Advanced Hair Styling Techniques - Barcelona

Alessandro Fratini & Lorenzo Marchelle & Adil Zerouali - Fashion Hair Color - Paris

Maison Gerard Laurent - Advanced Hair Color - Paris

Philippe Briclot, Sandrine Ruiz, Angelo Parlagreco, Raphael Macias,

David Corneloup - Advanced Haircutting - Paris

Eugene Perma, Noemie Sivignon, Alima Baz, Melanie Vannehard,

Christophe Pujol - Advanced Haircutting - Paris

Anthony Galifot, Guillaume Fort, Thierry Bordenave, Anthony Galifot, Heidi Farge &

Chris Mattick - Advanced Clipper Cutting - Paris

Sourisseau - Makeup Techniques - Paris

Luke Benson, Raphael Perrier - Advanced Hair Styling - Paris 

Fashion Makeup - Morgane Hilgers

Eric Pfalzgraph - Salon Business - Paris

Customer Service - La Rochelle

Customer Service - Sarlat-Le-Caneda


- 2020 -

Trend haircuts and color services - Chelsea James & Presley Poe - Long Beach 2020

Bridal styles - Cathey Salerno - Long Beach

Hair color - Chrystofer Benson - Long Beach

Hair color & styling - Cherry Petenbrink - Long Beach

Haircutting & coloring - Brayden Pelletier, Cassandra Platinum, Lori Zabel, Rebecca Taylor,

Sam Villa, Sean Godard - Long Beach

Salon business - Jason Everett - Long Beach

Bridal styles - Laura Chihaia - Long Beach

Hair color business - Candy Shaw - Long Beach

Braiding, updos & hairdressing - Naeemah LaFond - Long Beach

Haircolor & styling techniques - Alfredo Lewis, Chrystofer Benson - Long Beach

Infection Control Certification - Boston, Massachusetts

- 2021 -

The Science of Well-Being - Stanford University - Stanford, California

- 2022 -

Herb & Hedgerow Ltd. - Organic Formulation MasterClass -  Dorchester, Dorset, UK

The Science of Happiness - Berkeley University - Berkeley, California

Managing Happiness - Harvard University - Massachusetts

- 2023 -

Formulating Fragrances & Perfumes - Parfum Candora - Paris, France

Gua Sha Master Class -  Galleries Lafayette - Paris, France

Advanced Makeup Class - Irisé Paris - Paris, France

Fragrance Research - Fragonard Musée du Parfum - Paris, France

Product Photoshoot - SalonParisian - Paris, France

Fragrance Research - Merchant of Venice - Venice, Italy

Product Photoshoot - SalonVenetian - Venice, Italy

Kobido Facial Massage - Seasonly - Paris, France

Gua Sha Massagestein & Roller Training - Galleries Lafayette - Paris, France

Natural Product Formulation - Mademoiselle Organic - New York

Light Therapy Certification - The Body Sculpting Institute - Ormeau, Australia

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 3.43.42 PM.png
Sue and the 5 most successful
woman salon owners in the US
GroupBarcelona 2018-02-09 at 7.54.33 AM.
Sigel & Sue with two hairdressing/esthetics
students in Barcelona for training in esthetics, hairdressing RF training, advanced facials, & haircutting
Sue and Martino Cartier
Sigel & Sue with our hairdressing student in London for training in haircutting and styling
GroupCompagniaDeoColoreBologna 2018-02-0
Sigel & Sue with our hairdressing student & Massimo (world champion hairdresser) for hair color training
GroupElodyParis 2018-02-09 at 7.54.46 AM
Sigel & Sue with two of our hairdressing students in Paris for training in chignon, formals, hair extensions and haircutting
Sigel & Sue with Giovani Guitolli for editorial & runway training in Las Vegas 
Sigel & Sue with Hikari Design Team in Las Vegas for
training in haircutting 
GroupMetinWarwick 2018-02-09 at 7.54.07
Sigel & Sue with our hairdresser students for training in Long Beach at a beauty show
Sigel & Sue with the owner of Parisax in
Paris for makeup training 
Sigel & Sue with one of our hairdressing students in London with Metin Warwick for an advanced haircutting & styling class. 
Sue with Faatemah Ampey in Los Angeles where we learned Amp-Waves
Sue with Gary Gerard in Las Vegas for training
in haircutting & styling 
Sue teaching theory class with our
hairdressing & esthetics students 
Sue with our hairdressing student in Paris at
Jean Louis David salon 
Sigel & Sue with Dina Ousley for airbrush makeup training in Hollywood 
Sigel & Sue at Coiffure Mondial in Paris at the beauty trade show 
Sue during Kobido Facial Massage class
in Paris, France
Sigel & Sue during fragrance class in Paris, France
Sigel & Sue in Paris, France researching variations for our SalonParisian Smoothie Serum.
Sue with Martin Parsons in Long Beach for training in formals updos 
Sue in Bologna, Italy at the biggest beauty in Europe
for training in EVERYTHING! 
Sue having a make-over haircut in Paris at Franck Provost
flag-ship salon in Galeries Lafayette 
Sigel & Sue with Dina Ousley for airbrush makeup training in Hollywood 
Sigel & Sue took some of our hairdressing students out to a fancy dinner in Los Angeles where we took them to a beauty trade show.
Sue hanging out at the Frankfurt beauty show 2013.jpg
Sue hanging out at the beauty trade show in Frankfurt, Germany
Sigel & Sue researching new seasoning mixes for Sugel's Seasonings in Paris, France
Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 5.55.48 PM.png
Sigel & Sue at La Fee Vert while researching our La Fee Vert SalonParisian French Green Clay Mask
Sigel & Sue at Les Deux Magots in Paris, France researching the history of silk for a new silk protein serum.
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