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Notice! We get several emails and phone calls each week saying "Tell me about your program." when the person was just here and used the form below to contact us or to get our phone number. In essence they're saying, I was just now on your web site but I didn't bother to read anything so I emailed you so you could send me your website via email or I called you up instead to ask you the questions you just answered here on your web site. When people do this, WE have to get on this web site and then we have to read it to them. 

We feel REALLY stupid reading a web site to people or emailing a web site to people who were just here where the information is already.

Providing this information is the entire purpose of this web site. If you ignore all of the information provided in this web page and call us or email us asking us to tell you about the program, that you just ignored, we will not respond to your email or will tell you via phone to read the web site. Information regarding our two programs, hairdressing and esthetics, are provided here including tuition, schedule, policies, our entire student catalog, about Sigel, about Sue, hours, requirements, photos, etc. are ALL on this web page.  IF you did read this information here and you still have questions or questions that weren't answered on this web page, please call us.

MetrOasis LLC

Beauty & Esthetics School

4450 Cordova Street #130 Anchorage, AK 99503
Tel: 907-276-4110

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