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Behavior - We have two types of customers, our clients, and our students. Just as you would not expect our students to be rude, aggressive, sexually forward, or condescending towards you, we also don't want these behaviors directed towards our students. Each student pays several thousand dollars for us to train them and they do not have to tolerate abuse any more than our clients do. If you do have a problem with one of our students, please let an instructor know. If you are unable to sit straightly in the chair because you're talking on your phone or reading a magazine instead of participating with the student's efforts to make you look beautiful, we will not offer any corrections to your service. This is a "G" rated salon/school. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any or no reason.


Security - MetrOasis LLC and its employees and agents are not liable for any injury to person or property caused in any way by the use of its services or its premises. Also, MetrOasis is not liable for the loss or theft of any personal property. In other words, keep your purse/bag/phone, etc insight and/or with you at all times. Each person is responsible for safeguarding his or her own property.


Children - We love children but... All children must be supervised by a qualified person provided by the client if the child is not having a service performed. Clients arriving for their appointment with an unattended child will be asked to reschedule their appointment. Children that are unable to sit still during a hair service or cry prior to or during a service endanger both themselves and the student and therefore the service will be stopped immediately whether complete or not. Some clients seem a bit grumpy when we inform them that free daycare is not included with their beauty services. Our students pay us to teach them and it is grossly unfair for clients to expect for a student to stop their training and watch your kids simply because you didn't make the appropriate arrangements for someone to watch your kids. Our instructors teach, our students learn, our clients are having beauty services administered to them. Who do you think should be responsible for watching your kids then?


Color Patch / Color Patch Waiver - If you are anticipating receiving a color service at MetrOasis LLC you will be required to either have a patch test done 24 hours prior to your color service or sign a color patch waiver. Toners are included in this policy. If your hair is not healthy enough to receive a chemical service we will either refuse to do the service or reschedule your service until you can bring your hair to an acceptable level of health so that you can expect a good outcome. WE will be the sole determiner of whether your hair is healthy enough to receive a chemical treatment.


NO SHOWS and arriving late to your appointment - We will allow our clients a 15 minute grace period for their appointments. If you arrive later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time of your appointment, we will consider this a no-showed appointment. We allow our clients one no-show appointment. After that, you will either have to pay for the missed appointment or you can have services done on a walk-in basis only. We require a 4-hour notice if you cancel an appointment or we will consider this a no-show appointment.


Bad Checks - Our collection company charges a fee for collecting on bad checks. We don't see a penny of this fee, it goes straight to the collection company. Our bank charges us a fee for any check returned for any reason, so we must in turn charge you an additional fee for any check returned for any reason. The charge is $15. This charge is on top of the fee that the collection company charges.

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